Henna art can be diverse and inspiring. It came from east associated with harmony and mindfulness. Every summer mehndi moving far away from Indian religions closer to trends. Little flower pieces decorate woman body, emphasize its beauty and add an eastern note. Plunging into the summer we created a list of 5 mehndi artist that will inspire you to make a piece of art on your own body and that can become good references.


Ginkas Mary mehndi Moscow-based artist emphasizes the beauty of woman body with her art. Every her work is unique and created based on the figure of the model.



True Indian henna artist based in Toronto, Canada. She has a wide portfolio of mehndi created for wedding ceremonies. Complicated compositions cast a spell for half an hour and invite to scrutinize every detail.


Beyond Henna

Beyond Henna is a UK artist based in Mauritius. In her profile, you can find lots of inspiring paper painted mandalas that can bring a lot of ideas for home decoration.



Veronicalilu is an artist and traveler based in Ukraine. On her Instagram page, you can find lovely mehndi art and tattoos which can decorate every woman’s body making it more gentle and bewitching.



Henna can be white! So you can choose your color depending on your skin tone and ideas.   Use it for the creation of the right atmosphere at photo shootings, or just wear for everyday life.